Sea with us

The  Island offers many activities on the Sea and here we want to take you for a discovery of the surrounding beauties

Ile d'Ambre/Ilot Barnache
Next to Goodlands you will be able to embark on a small felluca and visit the mangrove area and surroundings before reaching l'Ile d'ambre, a nature reserve park where you can follow the trails leading you from one side to the other and you will see some ruins of old habitations, of course you will be able to see the famous scented Ambre trees.
After an hour or so you will head to the Ilot Barnache where you will spend the most of your day attending a BBq on the beach and you will be able to swim in the shallow part of the lagoon, but beware of the tides and currents.
An amazing day we encourage you to do.
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Ile aux cerfs
Another typical daily activity around the Island, this can be done from many different starting points.
Catamaran tour with visit of the Ile aux Cerfs or directly from the other side of the island with a felluca taking you there
Amazing  beaches where you can relax swim eat and spend the day there
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Flat Island Ile Gabriel
Catamaran tours or speed boat tours, If you like long day on the sea with Catamaran or speed boat this excusrsion is for you, you can enjoy the relax time on the Island with bbq snorkling swimming and sun bathing.
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Whale watching
During the period of August until end of October we are blessed by the passage of the Famous Humback Whale, they usually give birth around our island and spend a few months raising the calves teaching them to swim and feed before continuing their journey.
Many times a week we can spot them breach the surface with grace and make huge splash as they re-enter the water, mother and calves following the cost of our lovely region.

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