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Diving in the Indian ocean.... make the jump .

Organisation and planning of a Diving trip can be a hassle when it requires you more than 1 hour travel.
We did compile a list of options where you can take some inspiration for your planification

Travelling to Mauritius can seem to some as a big expedition or a long journey, sure it is not just next door and you will have to choose between direct flights for about 11 hours or a one stop in between for exemple in Dubai if you are coming from Europe.
Sometimes this is just what it takes to have a complete change of scenery or to be able to relax like you you never did before..
This is why we invite you to make the journey to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Welcome to our little corner of paradise...

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Most of the main Airlines in Europe will offer direct trips to Mauritius since the return to the "new normal post covid"
-Germany with Lufthansa - Condor offer many flights per week where you depart in the evening and land in Mauritius after 11 hours of flight in the early morning making the flight a not so disturbing flight.
-Swiss via his sister compagnie operates direct flights from Switzerland a few times a week on the same hours.
-Air France
-Air Mauritius

1 stop flights via hubs.
-Turkish Airlines