Signs at the surface
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Why do we need to use signs at the surface?

 When you start diving, you start learning how to speak with signs underwater. They are essential to communicate, and you couldn’t dive safely without them. But, what about the signs at the surface? Why do we need to know them? For whom?

Well, regarding if you are doing a boat dive or shore dive, you may meet other boats or divers at the surface and need to inform them about your safety. IE in the deep sea, you might surface before your boat comes or not where you planned, and in this case, it is important to communicate in case you need help, and you want someone to come or to tell them that everything is ok. Another example is when you jump from the boat for a drift dive, it is important that you signal to your captain that you are ok before he leaves the place and let you go down.

To let know people that you are ok or not is essential, and you would be surprised to see how people feel concerned when they see you at the surface as a diver.

As a reminder:

From far away: join your hand on the top of your head to say “ok”
From short distance: just put a hand on top of your head to say “ok”
Face to face: make the “ok” signal with your fingers
For help: you need to wave with both your hands. 

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