Marine conservation
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what about marine conservation?

We already spoke a bit about the negative impacts of human on the marine life. But what can we do? What is marine conservation?

Marine conservation, or ocean conservation is a scientific discipline that aims to protect, preserve, and restore marine ecosystems and organisms. They try to minimize the negative impacts of human activities and imagine new strategies to avoid the loss of biodiversity and habitats.

The goal is to save and protect the marine environment. It can be reached by education, laws, sensibilization, self-conscientization, etc. Many professionals can act and do a difference, such as researchers, professors, environmentalists, activists, science communicators, government, etc. As your level, you probably know the famous Paul Watson from Seashepherd, Greenpeace, or WWF.

These organizations need before acting to identify the threat, then plan a strategy, create efficient initiatives, and finally make sure that marine resources are obtained sustainably to protect the ocean and the human lives depending on it. It is obvious that to do that we need a lot of knowledge on many different topics (not only marine life but also laws, etc).

At the actual growth rate of the population, it is now urgent to motivate change and conscientize people if we want to survive.

It is now vital to change our behavior.

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