Advantages of Confined Water sessions
by Jean-Luc
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Did you ever wake up in the morning and wished to try to ride a motorbike ?

what would you do if that did happen ?  I suppose you would gather some more informations and reach for a driving school right ?
You would expect to start driving with the assistance of a teacher in a safe place like a training circuit, you would learn how to shift gear and what to do to break right ?  Never woud it occur to you to start to learn on a highway  and you know that it would be the safest way to learn, guess what for diving it is the same....
New environment new gear new skills all those situations would requiere you to be in a safe to conduct situation to learn.
The pool is the best place for you to be in a controlled safe learning process.  No waves no cold water good visibility depth that can adapt to the situation and the level of your abilities as you learn.

Discovery diving, Scuba diver/ Open water Diver at the beginning of your diving education you will be in contact with the water and all those pieces of equipment you never had to deal with before

Dry suit training is a great exemple for continuing education as you need to learn how to react with the air in your suit, with the addition of the lpi connector to  your suit  and the valves to manage the addition and the removal of air to help your buyoancy and your suit adjustments.



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