11 emblematic fish of Mauritius, part 3/3

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What special fish can be found in Mauritius?

 The Indian Ocean, and more precisely Mauritius, still has many unexplored underwater areas, and is still full of well-kept secrets and special/emblematic fish that will not fail to surprise you...This article aims to make you discover some of them, and maybe, who knows, to make you want to come and dive with us soon!

  • 08. Longhorn cowfish or horned boxfish (Lactoria cornuta)
  • The cowfish is a member of the boxfish family. It can measure up to 46 cm and can be distinguished by the two horn-like protrusions on the two corners of its forehead. This is where its name comes from. It also has two other horns on the back of its body, facing backwards, under its tail. With its thick, fleshy mouth, it propels high-pressure jets of water against the bottom to dislodge the invertebrates it feeds on.

  • cowfish 1cowfish 2

09. Peacock flounder or flowery flounder (Bothus mancus)

This flatfish can measure up to 51 cm. It is nocturnal but can also be active during the day. The tropical turbot has the ability to camouflage itself by changing its colour. Like all flatfish, the juvenile tropical turbot will undergo a metamorphosis, at which time one of its eyes will move to the opposite side. From then on, the side with the eyes will face upwards. This is the pigmented side. The opposite side is white. The turbot has the ability to change its colour to blend in with its surroundings.

turbot 2turbot 1

10. Round ribbontail ray (Taeniurops meyeni)

The round ribbontail ray measures on average 1.8m. Its body forms a thick, rounded disc, the dorsal side is light to dark grey, with numerous black spots (some individuals may even be completely black). Its ventral side is white. Its body is followed by a thin tail as large as its body. It is rather nocturnal, and although it is harmless, if provoked it can defend itself with the poisonous spines of its tail and can be deadly.

raie pastenague noire 4

  • 11. Common egg cowrie (Ovula ovum)
  • Finally, let's talk about the spectacular white porcelain cowrie, also known as the common egg cowrie. It measures on average 7.5 cm. It is in fact a small gastropod (like the snail) consisting of a shell containing a marine gastropod mollusc. When it is alive, the mollusc completely and permanently covers the outer part of the shell with its body (mantle), spreading out on each side and joining in the middle of the back. Because of its globular mantle, it can easily be mistaken for a nudibranch. The shell is white and shiny on the outside and dark red on the inside.

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