Microorganisms of the marine life
by Cindy
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Microorganisms, what is it and why is it essential?

Microorganisms (microbes) are present in all ecosystems on earth, and so small that they are invisible to human eyes. They are abundant and diverse. They produce half of the oxygen we breathe and are essential in the nutrient cycling. Without them, life as we know would not exist.

Marine microorganisms can be divided in 6 main groups:

Viruses (most abundant, helps in the nutrient cycling, carbon cycle and marine diversity),

Bacteria (helps in nitrogen fixation, carbon capture, community balance and oxygen production),

Archaea (helps in the nutrient cycle),

Protozoa (helps in marine productivity and nutrient cycling),

Microalgae (helps in oxygen production and carbon capture),

Fungi (broadly unknown but used in research in the pharmacological field).

Microorganisms are at the base of the chain food, without them, it would be hard to imagine how the world would be.

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